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Hah, I'm just back from a four-day business trip and am still overwhelmed by the many impressions. I've been to work at the London Book Fair for the third time now, and it's usually the case that you only have an hour or so to spend some time shopping or eating in the evening. This year, however, I took a day off and flew back in the evening, so I had at least about six hours to travel on a culinary mission. Since I did not know if I could make it in time and the whole thing was also a business trip, unfortunately I did not have my camera with me to take nice pictures. That's why I provide this report with the rather meager photos I've taken with my smartphone.

Otherwise, I'd suggest you make a cup of tea for the first time, load all the many pictures Let's sit back and go with you on a culinary journey to London.
Fair and hotel are in Kensington - together with Chelsea next door, these are my two favorite districts in London. Beautiful homes, parks, blooming flowers and everything the Foodie heart desires.

Far away from the typical London tourist attractions, there are so many great shops and restaurants in the shopping streets that you hardly ever get out of this area The fair was from Monday to Wednesday from morning to evening, so I could not really do much on the first three days. Monday night is traditionally our dinner night, where we invite our customers to a nice restaurant. This year I found Restaurant 1 Lombard Street - we had the integrated "1776 Restaurant" for ourselves and could enjoy our 3 course meal there. Truly a beautiful restaurant with delicious food and excellent service. Tuesday night I took the opportunity and - of course - marched into a bookstore. Near the hotel is a branch of Waterstone's on Kensington High Street, which I already knew from my previous trips. That's why I was able to target the cookbook department ...

Unfortunately (or luckily ...) there was not much time left until closing time. However, I know what's on my wish list. And if the books are still on offer, or I get a discount on the last copy, of course, I do not hesitate long and grab. And so these two treasures are now in my possession:

Thomas Keller: Bouchon Bakery *

The Hummingbird Bakery: Home Sweet Home *

Bouchon-Bakery * went up to my absolute favorite baking book the very first time. The book is just beautiful, very professional and equipped with an incredible wealth of recipes and tips. I call it my new "backbible". The book is admittedly extremely heavy and unwieldy, but a beautiful picture book to browse and admire - I'm looking forward to baking!
And Home Sweet Home * does not have to hide - new recipe ideas from the Hummingbird Bakery and thus my third Book about it. Again in beautiful presentation and with great recipe ideas! More about the other books and my visit to the Hummingbird Bakery later.
After the staff of the bookstore wanted to call it a day, I moved on and visited another branch of the Waitrose supermarket chain. The store tends to be more expensive than other chains, but has a great selection and nice, clean stores.As fondant, icing, egg white powder, arrowroot flour, glycerin or Rainbow Dust. And so I was a bit "typical for the country" shopping for at home:

The following march back to the hotel was not without books and shopping - after 10 hours of mass I still felt 10 kg Hauled back to the hotel for 20 minutes. I was tired after that, but also hungry. Conveniently, but just around the corner of the hotel is a shopping street with various shops. I wanted to eat something hearty and I wanted to sit in a quaint pub between the British. I finally decided on the Prince of Teck and ordered the world's best fish and chips. I love the tartar sauce as well as the pea puree. The fish was plentiful and superb - just what you need after a long, busy day.

Wednesday was the last day of the fair and I was back at the hotel around 6:30 pm. I could have gone straight to sleep, too, but I had one more mission: I really wanted to go to a British Whole Foods Supermarket. Fortunately, the store is also not far away on Kensington High Street and so I went there again.
I know Whole Foods from the USA - in California, for example, you can find the shop in every town. It is an organic supermarket concept that offers only natural food without artificial additives. The markets in Las Vegas and San Francisco have always been an eye-catcher, but the market in Kensington has just overwhelmed me! Would I live there, I would probably carry all my money in this store ... 1.5 hours I am devoutly marched through the rows of shelves and have studied products. Of course you have to be a bit crazy for it, but as a foodie, this supermarket was an absolute paradise for me.

In the evening I had dinner at wagamama. Already last year, I had bought the wagamama cookbook * in London, but so far nothing has been made of it ... This is urgently time. Last year the chilli chicken ramen soup was outstanding, this year the yaki soba noodles:

Yesterday, Thursday, as I said, I had a few hours to stroll around. Shopping was not really in it, because my finances had already shrunk and I also had no more space in my suitcase. He was already full of skirts, trousers, blazers, various shoes and bath articles. And of course the grocery shopping ... Instead, I decided to do some sort of small city tour and visit the bakeries and cafés, whose cookbooks I have and really like. My starting point was Earl's Court in Kensington and I really did manage to achieve everything with lightning speed and ease.

But first off we went to Covent Garden, the city's theatrical and market district. In addition to operas and theaters there is next to the St.the Vegetable Market Hall) with nice little shops and market stalls inside and out. Alone the selection of great food stalls was overwhelming again. In addition, this neighborhood has its own flair that you just have to experience.

Then it went on to my first real goal: the Primrose Bakery! Last year, I bought The Primrose Bakery Book * and baked the rhubarb cupcakes from it. I really like this book because it is so beautiful, unobtrusive and yet beautiful. That's why I really wanted to visit a local branch and decided on the smaller version in Covent Garden. The shop is small but fine and really nicely designed.

Actually, I also wanted to visit a branch of The Icecreamists here. I have the English Icecreamists book * in my collection and I love the crazy ice cream concept. At the end of April the book will also be published in German under the name The Icecreamists - Exclusive Ice Cream and other vices * and I really would have liked to try the ice cream on site. However, I have no branch and also no information on the Internet can be found. I had two addresses in Covent Garden - at one address was another restaurant and the second address was a large construction site. I do not know if there is currently any icecreamistst store. But at least I can now mimic the ice cream myself at home - just in time for the spring weather.

As it's getting lunchtime, my next stop should be one of Ottolenghi's outlets.
I thought I was the smallest Shop in Kensington, again just a hop, skip and a jump from Kensington High Street. Again, I have two books by Ottolenghi: enjoyable vegetarian * and the cookbook *. I also reviewed the latter for Hüttenhilfe and briefly introduced it here. The latest, still missing cookbook Jerusalem * is still on my wish list. That's why I really wanted to eat at Ottolenghi.

Again, of course, there are cakes and tarts again - but I was much more interested in lunch. The place is probably full of lunchtime every day, and I've seen a lot of clerks getting their quick, healthy lunch here.I chose the daily offer of roasted cauliflower with cardamom yoghurt, pickled red onions, curry leaves, coriander and Urfa chilli. What a great combination. I have to give cauliflower in my kitchen another chance. I also took a roasted Romano pepper with rocket salad, walnut pesto, mozzarella and basil. The food is taken as desired from the large plates and packed in dishes or cardboard boxes packed - paid by weight. I took another organic lemonade and enjoyed my lunch on the steps in front of a small church where other people had their lunch break.

Freshly fortified, I went on to my next stop, this time in one very dignified location in Chelsea: Peggy Porschen Cakes. Here again I have a book in my collection: Boutique Baking *. That's why I was really looking forward to the shop. And what can I say: "delightful" meets my impression probably the best - very pink, very sweet and very girly. Really pretty and inviting. Peggy Porschen was also there herself and also made a very likeable and friendly impression.

Another sweet station was still on my yesterday's schedule: Last but not least, of course I wanted visit the Hummingbird Bakery! I decided to go back to Kensington because it's just one tube away from the Peggy Porschen Café. I now own the books of Tarek Malouf completely: I bought the English edition The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook * last year in England. This book has meanwhile also been published in German under the name Kuchenglück *. Sweet sins * I had then bought directly next, because I was very pleased with the recipes. And then - as mentioned above - I finally brought Home Sweet Home * from London this year. That's why it was clear that I had to visit one of the cafés.

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