I proudly present: What's for breakfast? Cereal!

Today I'm finally allowed to advertise on my own behalf. And that makes me very happy! Because that's my book up there - and it's starting to take shape!
Maybe one or the other remembers my week-long muesli of the week. It was awesome and I got a lot of positive feedback for the action. Since I stopped my last muesli for 18 weeks and let the action just go under in August 2014, I have already received some inquiries, why it does not go on. I can finally officially announce that: because the idea turned into a great cookbook *!

© Maria Brinkop for "What's for Breakfast? Muesli! "/Edition Torchbearer

Over the past few months, I've been rolling recipes and picture galleries, collecting and discarding ideas, and stirring, mixing, mashing, pureeing, baking, kneading, and tasting like a madman , distributed and feedback obtained.
In my home, it now looks like a well-stocked organic supermarket with all the seeds, seeds, nuts and flakes. The variety and variety is huge and could easily have been twice as many recipes!

© Maria Brinkop for "What's for Breakfast? Muesli! "/Edition torchbearer

The result is a really great cookbook with many varied cereal ideas that are not just for breakfast: From classic cereal mixes to a chapter only with crunchy cereals, from smooth Muesli in the form of overnight oats, porridge and smoothies to cereal snacks in the form of granola bars, raw bites and muffins. There should really be something for everyone!

© Maria Brinkop for "What's for Breakfast? Muesli! "/Edition Torchbearers

The more than 50 recipes range from healthy to decadent, from gluten-free to vegan and from creamy to creamy, and all this has been photographically captured by the wonderful Maria Brinkop. Maria is a gifted photographer with great ideas that always gives her pictures that certain something. I am thrilled with every single picture because it captured exactly what I wanted to express. Thank you so much!

© Maria Brinkop for" What's for Breakfast? Muesli! "/Edition torchbearer

The book is now officially announced, is in the current publisher's preview of the edition torchbearers and is on Amazon: What's for breakfast? Muesli! * And all other known retailers listed.The book is bound, has a handy horizontal format with a size of 22 x 22 cm and will cost 14.99 €.

I hope you like the theme as much as I do and I can not wait , that the book is finally available - until then, I'll probably tell you a few things in advance and let me come up with something nice to publish!

Maja Nett
What's for breakfast? Muesli! *
Torchbearers Publishing GmbH
bound, 112 pages, 22 x 22 cm
ISBN: 978-3 -7716-4618-9
14,99 €
Available 16 September 2015

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