Baked cabbage salad with apples and nuts after "Germany vegetarian" by Stevan Paul and Katharina Seiser

Another beautiful side of the fall is the veggie season.
Sure, nothing beats ripe tomatoes and crunchy peppers, but I'm a huge herb and cabbage fan.
From pointed cabbage to savoy cabbage to the red cabbage - there are so many great ways to process these autumn and winter vegetables. Incidentally, the same applies to root vegetables, but in another recipe contribution more.
I have already reported in detail on the book presentation of this wonderful cookbook Germany vegetarian * on World Vegetarian Day with Stevan Paul: STEVAN PAUL COOKS ON THE WORLD DAY IN COLOGNE IN GERMANY "VEGETARIAN" - A WONDERFUL MENU AND A BEAUTIFUL EVENING IN PICTURES
The long overdue review of this wonderful book (ups, I take too much anticipation? ...) will follow in the coming week. But not without first wiping your mouth with a recipe from the book ...
And here he comes back into the game - the cabbage. I opted for a recipe for a delicious hearty coleslaw. It does not contain any bacon, it is made with a hot broth and it is then especially fine with apple pieces and roasted nuts. First of all, it tastes great!
Balanced, crispy, hearty - with plenty of cumin, as I like it. If you do not like cumin (I do not understand ...) just leave it out.
The carrot and almonds are not really in the original recipe - but I found that very exciting for taste and color and therefore modified it accordingly.
I also omitted the apple cider vinegar because of Nichtmögens and replaced it with a sweet Condimiento. If you want to keep it regional, just fall back on another native strain. I could well imagine verjus here too.

Baked cabbage salad with apples, nuts and buttered bread

after "Germany vegetarian" * by Stevan Paul and Katharina Seiser (ed.)
for 4-6 servings

1 small young pointed cabbage (about 600-800 g)
1 sour apple, eg Holsteiner Cox
150 ml homemade vegetable broth or organic vegetable broth
100 ml natural apple juice
3 El Condimiento bianco or Verjus
1 tbsp sugar
1 tl whole caraway seeds, if necessary roughly crushed 5 tablespoons of sunflower or neutral rapeseed oil
1 of walnut or hazelnut oil and 1 carrot (about 70 g)
fine sea salt, freshly ground black pepper
strong farmer's bread with butter, salt and chive rolls to serve

Remove the outer leaves from the cabbage, then halve the whole cabbage and cut out the stalk generously.
Cut the two halves into pieces about 3-4 cm wide, then cut each piece into fine strips.
Place the herb in a large enough bowl and sprinkle with 1/2 tsp salt.
Use your hands for a few minutes knead vigorously while incorporating the salt. The cabbage will be soft and moist shiny.
The vegetable stock with the apple juice, the vinegar, the sugar and the caraway seeds in a small saucepan and let the mixture boil once with stirring. Add salt and pepper and pour the boiling mixture over the cabbage.
Peel the apple, quarter, core and cut into very fine strips.It is a personal recommendation. Further information on the affiliate program can be found in the Impresssum.