Every day a book! Review of the baking book "Anniks Lieblingskuchen" by Annik Wecker (DK Verlag)

Annik Wecker has been running her own café called "Anniks Café" in Munich-Schwabing since 2013. She was an avid amateur baker before and has been successfully publishing books with Dorling Kindersley since 2008. "Annik's favorite cake" is now her eighth title overall. "Annik's Divine Cakes" was released in 2008, "Annik's Divine Desserts" in 2011.
So now there are her favorite cakes. These are completely new recipes that she has extensively tested in her café.

Annik's favorite cake  *
by Annik Wecker
from the Dorling Kindersley Publishing

Cover Annik's favorite cake by Annik Wecker

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The book fits the presentation on the subject: girlish pastel shades in soft pink and turquoise, the book titles in cursive, on the cover of a pretty pink raspberry cake. It is actually available as a recipe in the book, which is not so common nowadays with book covers.
It was a bound Hardover edition with a linen back, which gives the book a very special value. And there is also a bookmark, also in soft turquoise - wonderful! Not to forget the beautiful pink paper in the polka-dot pattern. All in all, you see: the book has been compiled and produced with great attention to detail.

 Every day a book! Review of the baking book "Anniks Lieblingskuchen" by Annik Wecker (DK Verlag)

After the extensive table of contents follows a two-page introduction with a personal foreword by Annik Wecker and a page with brief tips on the ingredients used and general notes on baking, as well as a page with references to the 10 most popular cakes in Annik's Café, with the page number in the book for baking.
The two-page tab at the bottom of the book contains both the recipe names and individual ingredients as well as preparation methods.

There are five chapters with recipes that are very exciting and cleverly subdivided into Fast , Everyday , Exceptional , Gorgeous and Special Occasions . Each of these chapters is followed by a nice little extra, namely the "1 Dough - 10 Cakes" category, from Gugelhupf to Tartes, Cheesecake and Panna Cotta Cake to Sponge Mix. Here are nice ideas for modifications and simple basic recipes.
After the detailed recipe section follows a comprehensive basic knowledge with the basic dough , baking techniques , kitchen equipment Cake Decorating Tips , Healthy Baking and Converting Baking Ingredients . In a nutshell, back-to-school beginners still get useful tips here - I can only recommend these chapters with the explanations and tips to every reader.
The recipes themselves are kept short and precise, often referring to the basic knowledge section , for example for blind baking of short crust pastry. I do not find this annoying, but very pleasant, because the recipe description is limited to the essentials.

Each recipe has an introductory sentence, an indication of the cake size and the baking pan to be used. The list of ingredients is short and sweet and sorted in order of use in the recipe. Often there is also an extra tip and a small box with hints, such asEspecially with cookbooks with fancier creations, I find that particularly important.

Even the typeface is very pleasant to read, the recipe description well divided into individual blocks, the ingredients for the dough and extra fillings listed separately, so that everything very ordered and systematically divided. I like that very well and is also essential for complicated recipes. The presentation is thus different than expected frills and simple. I like that.

 Every day a book! Review of the baking book "Annik

I'm sure everyone in this book will find recipes that are to his liking fit. This is an incredibly wide range of different cakes covered - I am absolutely thrilled by the selection and variety. After all, there are about 120 recipes with 180 color photos.
From fast mascarpet tart with raspberry glaze without baking, over buttermilk cake from sheet or cinnamon roll cake to tart tatin with peach and rosemary, classic bees sting or fancier avocado cake with blueberries or coconut mango Cake with marshmallows.
For every occasion and every occasion you will find a suitable cake or a suitable tart or cake: from the children's birthday over the company party to the Christmas dessert. I have found a lot of exciting ideas and ideas.

I have already baked the recipe for the "Apfel-Schichtkuchen" and published it here: APPLE-LAYER CAKE AFTER ANNIK WECKER FROM "ANNIKS LIEBLINGSKUCHEN" (DK VERLAG)

Apple pie, apple pie, Annik Wecker, Anniks favorite cake, Dorling Kindersley

Especially worth mentioning is that the cake photos and the complete food styling are also from Annik Wecker, as well as all the recipes. I find that extraordinary and admirable. Already in the introduction, she writes that she photographed all the cakes directly from her oven in her small garden by daylight. Without tricks and cheating. This is extremely likeable in my eyes and suggests to us amateur bakers who want to bake their recipes: we can do that too, with us it can look like that! Sometimes the photos are a bit blurry or overexposed, but that's forgiven because of this mammoth project. Who expects the absolute high-end studio photography, may be disappointed. But who knows what is behind it and would like to be a bit like Annik Wecker, should feel very comfortable with this book. Here is no star chef who drapes the plate to the millimeter, but someone like you and me and shows us what everyone can do with a little courage and patience.

Just because of this and because of the mentioned detailed base part believe I, that this is also a wonderful beginner's book, which can certainly take many people's fear of baking, especially of yeast or shortcrust pastry.
But even more experienced hobby bakers are due to the extraordinary creations fully at their expense come. Personally, I see myself more in the more experienced baking area and I also like glossy photos. Personally, the book is a bit too girlish pink and the style of the photos does not necessarily meet my taste.It is a personal recommendation. Further information on the affiliate program can be found in the Impresssum.