Guest contribution: lactose-free nut nougat ice cream with roasted hazelnuts from zuckererbse

The dear Maja had recently asked in the Hüttenhilfeforum whether one or the other would like to write a guest contribution during their well-deserved vacation. Of course I wanted! Where I had occasionally toyed with a blog of my own, that was THE chance to test the blogging without obligation. Thank you! And now let's go:

Summertime is war is Ice Age. As long as I can remember, I loved ice cream. The broiling hot summer afternoons, no breeze, blue sky with tiny, isolated clouds. The ringing of the ice cream van and the swan, the children came streaming from all corners. Or in the swimming pool. Still standing with the drops of water on the body in the queue in front of the kiosk and considering which variety is being licked today. And then, much later - lactose intolerance! Argh! Woe to me, I do not like water ice.
While my sweetheart at the cash desk in the village supermarket quickly grabbed the long-nese chest, I stood with drool in the corner of my mouth and greenish complexion next to it. The expenses in the telecommunications department were to say the least boring and thus the large pack is not a real alternative. For generalstabsmäßig planned shopping trips to more distant shops I lacked the right leisure. I just wanted to grab in the chest!

Only left the in-house production. "Should they all freeze in their own ice!", I said to myself and acted fast and determined. Now I am with a thick recipe book Ice Cream Galore * Guest contribution: lactose-free nut nougat ice cream with roasted hazelnuts from zuckererbse
full of tantalizing ideas and knowing that you can make delicious, creamy ice cream even without an ice cream maker. Incidentally, I've met several other great things such as granitas and parfaits, which had previously fallen completely back. And the diversity of varieties ... Incredibly brilliant! I could only feed on ice for days. I have a form for popsicles Guest contribution: lactose-free nut nougat ice cream with roasted hazelnuts from zuckererbse *
bought, it goes almost by itself, right? 🙂
And because you like to eat delicious ice cream just like me, I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite recipes that I've made myself. I describe the process without ice machine. Anyone who has one does the mass to freeze into it instead of a box shape and then goes on to point 11. Of course, the recipe also works with non-lactose free products. 😉

a scoop of lactose-free nut nougat ice cream with roasted hazelnuts

Nut and nougat ice cream with roasted hazelnuts
Ingredients (4-6 servings):

420 ml milk, lactose-free
160 ml cream, lactose-free
2 egg yolks
90 g sugar
60 g dark chocolate (50-70%), lactose-free
2 slightly heaped EL Nut nougat cream, lactose free
roasted, chopped hazelnuts to taste

1. If not already available, roast hazelnuts. Preheat the oven to 170 ° C top/bottom heat. Spread the hazelnuts in a layer on a baking tray covered with baking paper and roast for 15-20 minutes. Keep an eye on the nuts, as they burn very easily towards the end of time. Pour the nuts on a clean kitchen towel and wrap well. After about 5 minutes, rub the nuts in the towel against each other so that the peel peels off. Smaller shells do not do anything. Allow hazelnuts to cool open.
2. Roughly chop chocolate.
3. Bring the milk and cream to a boil in a saucepan.
4.Remove the hot milk and cream mixture from the heat, add the chocolate and let it melt. Stir well until everything dissolves.
6. Add the mixture over the egg-sugar mixture and stir.
7. Put everything back in the pot and warm with a little heat until the mixture thickens to cover a spoon spine.
8. Remove from heat and stir in the nut nougat cream.
9. Put the mass in an uncoated metal mold (eg box mold) and allow to cool completely. Chopping hazelnuts.
10. Put the cooled ice in the form in the freezer. After about 3 hours stir everything.
11. As soon as the mixture is semisolid, stir in the hazelnut pieces.
12. Transfer to a mold with a lid and allow to freeze completely. At least 5-6 hours, rather longer.

Many thanks to the sweet pea for the delicious recipe!

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