Review of the cookbook "A kiss from the kitchen" (Edition Fischer) and recipe for homemade nut nougat cream

Today I continue with a book from a publisher that I have not had on the screen so far in the cookbook segment. I probably would not have discovered the book if I had not been contacted by the publisher.
So now I have it here and I'm positively surprised by the content. And that's why I want to introduce it to you.
It's about the title A kiss from the kitchen: beloved classic of course made by myself * from the Edition Michael Fischer.

The basic idea of ​​the title is simple: delicious things just to make yourself at home. And with delicious things I mean above all the homemade and so much better version of fast food and junk food.

 Book Cover: A kiss from the kitchen - Cookbook from Edition Fischer

Image: Edition Michael Fischer GmbH, Igling

The original title comes from France and first appeared in 2013 under the name" La petite épicerie du fait-masion "at Éditions Solar, Paris.
The book by Estérelle Payany is written - there is not much information about them in the book. About Google is found out: she has written many cookbook and also runs a food blog in French:

The presentation of the book is slightly different than the " usual "cookbooks. Instead of hard- or softcover, the title has a solid cardboard cover and a straight back. The cover contains some beautiful embossing, otherwise the binding and the cover were rather simple and rustic. Special feature of the book is that there are on the first and last page each a bow with pretty stickers. There are 20 stickers in total, all different and very nice. This can, for example, stick to mason jars and give away. Overall, the book has 144 pages. For the format, the size and the number of prescriptions, I personally find the price of 19.99 euros somewhat high. As a small gift, what the book is, I would have considered a price of 14.99 euros appropriate. Then maybe you should have omitted the probably expensive sticker. So at least my impression.

The cover design contains some photos and various buttons with little comments like " Do it yourself instead of finished " or " Give it as a gift ". This looks a bit wild and confused, but also fresh and relaxed and meets the character of the content quite well.
is being advertised with over 80 classic recipes, home simply implemented. The recipes are divided into the chapters Breakfast, Dairy + Cold Desserts, For aperitif, Hearty, Sauces + Dips, For coffee + tea, sweets, ice cream and finally drinks. After the recipe chapters follow professional tips, sources of supply and finally a very simple register.

The layout is modern, somehow hip from the typos, but overall no frills. At the top of the recipe pages is always in which chapter you are, next to it is the difficulty of the recipe. After the recipe name follows a short sentence to the recipe itself. The list of ingredients is divided into quantity, preparation time, preparation time and finally the individual ingredients, listed after publication in the recipe description.
The preparation itself is clearly arranged in individual paragraphs and kept simple in the language. At the end of the recipe, there is still an indication of the shelf life and often a hint, for example, for variations.

To many recipes, there is a full-page image, but there are also quite a few recipes, you them I would have liked a picture.The photos themselves are really beautiful, modern and lovingly designed

The recipes are just great. We're really talking about simple things that can be done with just a few ingredients. From home-made baking soda to muesli, mayo, fish fingers, tortilla chips and soda to toast, ketchup, crackers or caramel sweets. There should really be something for every taste. And you know exactly what's inside! The implementation is really simple, you need with a few exceptions, no special ingredients. However, one notices the book that it is a French license. Both from the recipes, e.g. with the recipe for Belgian-French speculoos as well as the ingredients, namely vergeoise sugar, which is used in this recipe.

Otherwise, one has to emphasize once again that this is really about very simple things that can be done in a few simple steps. This is certainly not an elementary gourmet cookbook, but certainly a really nice asset to the local library. Great for people who like to cook and bake themselves and value what's in their food. That's why A kiss from the kitchen is also a really nice gift idea, but I find the title rather misleading, this is not a cookbook for culinary gift ideas but a homemade homemade cookbook.

I have found some things that I would like to implement quickly and easily at home with the help of straightforward instructions. Ambitious amateur cooks will probably get bored, but sometimes I really like the simple things a lot.
The first recipe I've copied is also directly the first one in the book: a homemade nut nougat spread.

I, for example, would like to avoid bought spreads of this kind that contain palm oil. Also emulsifiers and flavors are not there for my taste.
Here I know exactly what's in it and can adjust the taste itself. With coconut oil you get an exotic touch, with bittersweet chocolate a harsh taste. The imagination knows no bounds and so I have the recipe something converted - try it out for yourself, it's worth it!

A kiss from the kitchen: Favorite classics of course made of course *
Edition Michael Fischer GmbH, Igling, 2014 - ISBN: 978-3-86355-206-0
19,99 € - 144 pages, 19 x 24 cm, hardcover with sticker sheets

 Nut Nougat Cream - Homemade

Homemade Nut Nougat Cream

for a glass of about 250 ml


100 g whole organic hazelnut kernels (with skin)
100 g good quality nut nougat chocolate (organic and faitrade)
70 g whipped cream
1 tl unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tl homemade Vanilla sugar
1 tl neutral sunflower oil


Place the oven on 175 ° C top and bottom preheat it.
Put the hazelnuts on a small baking sheet and roast in a preheated oven for about 12-13 minutes until they smell.
Remove the tin from the oven and allow the nuts to cool for a few minutes.
With the Carefully wring the skin from the nuts or hands wrapped in a kitchen towel.
Put the nuts in a multi-grinder or the Thermomix and finely grind.I did that in the Thermomix too. Add the mixture to the hazelnut flour and add the cocoa powder, the vanilla sugar and the oil and stir well.
Mix well in the multi-sizer, Thermomix or with the help of the blender until creamy , Homogenous mass.
Fill in a sterilized jar or jar and store in the fridge.
According to the recipe, a shelf life of about 2 weeks is given.

The book became mine kindly provided by Edition Michael Fischer for free for my review.
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