Review of the cookbook "Körner - Recipes with Bite" (DK Verlag)

Time for cookbook reviews this week! It starts right now with one of my absolute favorite books currently.
Once again I find that this book goes down a bit and does not get the space on the shelves, which it actually deserves. The speech is from Körner - recipes with bite *, published by Dorling Kindersley Verlag, Munich.
Is it on the cover that comes along with a typo solution instead of a food image? Or is it the title that pushes it into a corner and conveys the wrong picture?

cookbook review to" grains - recipes with bite ", Dorlink Kindersley publishing house, Munich

Image: Dorling Kindersley Verlag GmbH, Munich

I say: Give the book a chance!
Once pitched, it draws you directly in his spell. Beautiful food photography meets loving illustrations and wonderful, versatile recipes.
"Körner" is an original French license called "Graines", first published in 2010 by Marabout (Hachette) in France. Finally, DK Verlag put the book into the program at the end of last year and presented it at the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair. I fell in love with it right away and would like to warmly recommend it to you now.

Grains are in fashion anyway and the book does not have a dusty eco-image - quite the contrary. It is about young and modern cuisine, in addition to wholegrain cereals and legumes in abundance and seed also find their place. And there is certainly something there for every taste!

The book comes in a proven DK-style therefore: 304 bulging pages, packed in a no frills hardcover with a straight back. Not too heavy, not too big, but still extensive enough for the price of at least 24.95 euros. The only small drawback: The book does not have a single bookmark. Otherwise the workmanship is clean and of high quality.

Even the cover advertises "150 recipes with cereals and legumes" - these are divided into 9 chapters, which are divided as follows: After a comprehensive introduction to the main cast of the Book and their preparation, use and storage, it starts with the breakfast chapter, in which especially porridge and cereal, but also muffins can be found. This is followed by soups, salads and stews, followed by a chapter on pilaws, risottos and paellas. It continues with main courses, here more often with fish and meat, a supplement chapter, a chapter called "sweet" and finally a last chapter on the topic "bread and more". The book concludes with a comprehensive index, which is sorted alphabetically as well as highlighted ingredients.

In the introduction all cereals, seeds and legumes used are shown in a small picture and briefly described where they are come from, how to use them and what nutrients they contain.

The layout is simple and simple and built the same way in every recipe. At the very top you will find information on the number of people for whom a dish is intended, often also the indication of whether it is more of an appetizer or a main dish, then the preparation time and finally the cooking time.
The recipe name always follows a short text with a few hints or variations.

The ingredients are listed on the left side very smart. There is usually an area with shopping tips "In the health food store or supermarket" and one with "At the greengrocer". Depending on the recipe also comes "At the butcher".The instructions are simple and simple, often there is at the end of the preparation still a reference to matching side dishes.
In the bottom of the recipe page wonderful illustrations of farmers are involved.
In addition to the page numbers are still the chapter names, so that you can orient yourself on every page.

The recipe pictures are usually full-page and there is a corresponding picture for each recipe. The food photography is modern, unfussy and simple. Time in close-up, sometimes with the dish on simple dishes.
The structure of the book is loosened again and again with recipe pages on which find several small recipes or place detailed steps or recipe variants are presented. The frontier pages for the individual chapters are also kept simple and contain the same black-and-white illustrations as the rest of the pages.

The recipes are fresh and modern. In the breakfast chapter you will find, for example, a six-grain porridge with pistachios and blueberries or a recipe for apple muffins with sour cream and cinnamon crunch. From black and white bean soup to corn soup, there are many tasty ideas in the Soup section that often use aromas like coriander, avocado and pancetta. The salads are next to a wild rice salad with green asparagus and mango so for example, a Belugalinsensalat with roasted tomatoes and ricotta or salads with quinoa, couscous or beans. On hearty stews, like with sausage or meat risottos follow, for example with emmer, pilaws or paellas, sometimes with chicken, chorizo ​​and peas. Grilled tuna meets warm beans and salsa verde, salmon on lemon couscous with mint oil and bean puree or roast lamb on bean pesto in main courses. It will be sweet, for example, with cranberry apple crumble with oatmeal, wholegrain bread ice cream or oatmeal cookies. Also, bread recipes, for example for a fig-walnut bread, rye crackers or a multi-grain bread with carrots and oranges are not forgotten.

Overall, I find the recipe selection quite great. Each chapter is given enough space and there is a suitable dish for every taste. It does not matter whether it's for a quick evening meal or an opulent meal on the weekend.
Rarely have I received so many suggestions for the enjoyment of "grains" that are still so appealing and well prepared.

So far I mimicked a chickpea salad with chorizo ​​and spinach. I varied the recipe slightly because I did not have sherry. At the time, it was still too dark in the evening to take pictures after work, so I have not yet logged the court. Also for a risotto and a paella I have already found nice suggestions. On the Nachkochliste are still much more great dishes, which I then necessarily want to log! They will be submitted here after publication then and linked accordingly.

My conclusion: an incredibly great, versatile and beautiful, but this simply edited cookbook. Do not be afraid of grains - here you will find great suggestions and new recipes far away from the "grain knife" image.

Körner - recipes with bite *
150 recipes with cereals and legumes
Dorling Kindersley Verlag GmbH, Munich, 2013
ISBN: 978-3-8310-2452-0
24,95 €
304 pages, 253 x 200 mm, bound with embossing
ca. 200 color photographs and numerous illustrations

The book was kindly provided for free by DK Verlag for my review.
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