Review to "For the love of cooking - kitchen visits to passionate foodies" by Yvonne Niewerth and Charlotte Schreiber (Callwey)

For the love of cooking: kitchen visits to passionate foodies * is a true treat book. Back in January, I was invited by Callwey Verlag to the "Blogs and Books" Party in Cologne on the occasion of this year's IMM. This title was also presented. Author Yvonne Niewerth and photographer Charlotte Schreiber were there and have extensively presented their joint project. Even then, I knew that I absolutely needed the book. There's just a lot of passion and work in it, but more on that later.

 Cover by Yvonne Niewerth from the book "For the love of cooking" published by Georg DW Callwey GmbH & Co. KG

© Georg D.W. Callwey GmbH & Co. KG

And now I hold it in my hands and it has become really beautiful - even the cover is a real bang! The book comes as a large format hardcover in portrait format. The turquoise cover looks very valuable in linen look, there are subtle gold embossing. The first impression is very chic and noble. On 208 pages not only 75 recipes, but also interviews and ideas of 25 "passionate foodies" are bustling. After a very nice and personal foreword by the two authors, the kitchen visits, which are peppered with recipes, follow. This is followed by a service section with addresses and links and finally a short tab for the recipes contained.

The layout is modern and beautiful and by the way comes exactly like the cover from the author. The most beautiful part will certainly contribute to all the wonderful photos of people and dishes, but also the book convinces by simplicity and purism in recipes and design. The individual kitchen visits begin with detailed presentations along with a few typical interview questions, for example, the favorite recipes, the best food ever or the best flavor combinations. This is followed by a selection of recipes from the hosts. They are richly illustrated, often provided with personal notes and anecdotes, and otherwise kept very simple and professional.

 Yvonne Niewerth and Charlotte Schreiber publish their book "For the love of cooking" at Blogs & Books by Callwey in Cologne next " Yvonne Niewerth (left) and Charlotte Schreiber (right) are putting their book on "Blogs + Books" by Callwey in Cologne vor

The concept of the book is really ingenious: The authors have actually invited to personal kitchen visits to the featured people. There was then freshly cooked, talked, laughed and much photographed. So the recipes are from the visits and were also photographed directly on location by Charlotte Schreiber. It also created the wonderful portraits and kitchen insights into the foreign kitchens.

That makes the book something really special and a very personal insight into the Foodie world.
The journey takes us to different cities and countries and so we meet, for example, Stevan Paul, blogger and author, serving peas and lettuce with roasted char and revealing the recipe to us. Anna and Tobias, from Big Stuff Smoked BBQ, about which I reported in my culinary travelogue Berlin, give an insight into their small shop and share their recipe for DIY Smoked Pork and the homemade lemonade with the readers.Vijay, founder and owner of the magazine Effilee presents his great oven and bakes a lemon tart in it, which is at the top of my list of new chefs. And so it goes on and on.

Koral by Kitchen Guerilla from the book" For the love of cooking ", published by Callwey

© Charlotte Schreiber for Georg DW Callwey GmbH & Co. KG

There are an incredible number of different, charismatic and great people who all have one thing in common: the love of food. Whether as a hobby chef or professional, professional or career changer, they are all foodies with passion. I was already able to meet some of them in person and appreciate them very much, that's why I find the selection of people very successful. Everyone has something special to tell their own story - in my opinion the mix is ​​absolutely successful.

The recipes are actually not the main thing for me in this book - but they are a great addition to the nice stories. So far, I have not actually cooked anything from the book. In addition to the mentioned lemon tart, there are many other great things on my personal list: Baked egg on asparagus with green sauce from Stevan, Gratinated onion sauce and Eton Kess by Leo and Mia from Stolen Supperclub, Carrot cake by photisserie blogger and photographer Kathrin or the Waldgeist Baguette with zucchini, spinach and baguette by Teresa of Resi Tasty Baguette.

Review to "For the love of cooking - kitchen visits to passionate foodies" by Yvonne Niewerth and Charlotte Schreiber (Callwey)

© Charlotte Schreiber for Georg DW Callwey GmbH & Co. KG

And then there are the photos that I have to mention again. The situations are really incredibly captured, the food photography is personal and not sterile and the portraits are incredibly beautiful. This, together with the simple fonts and the unfussy layout makes the book incredibly noble. And yet, all of this has something palable and nice - the good foodie friends from next door.

I really love the book a lot. It can not be said otherwise. I like leafing through it, let myself be inspired by recipes or just look at the beautiful photos. All in all, you get here for the price of 29.95 euros a great all-round pleasure book. Even if you did not know the individual persons so far, it is really fun to get to know them and to look into their kitchens. You can feel the love of enjoyment in every line and every photo and so the authors have managed a really wonderful book.

For the love of cooking: kitchen visits to passionate Foodies *
Yvonne Niewerth and Charlotte Schreiber
Publisher Georg DW Callwey GmbH & Co. KG, Munich, 2014. ISBN: 978-3-7667-2070-2 For sale 29,95 €
208 pages, 28,6 x 22,2 cm, bound

The book was kindly provided to me free of charge for my review by Callwey Verlag, together with the illustrated images.
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