Taste burst summer salad with halloumi chips and grilled peaches

Hach, I'm ready for a holiday.
Everyone around me is going on holiday or just coming back. And I'm sitting in the office and working.
People talk about the beach and the sea, fresh fish and barbecues under the palms, eat ice cream in the piazza or doze in the hammock. And I'm sitting on my office chair, drinking my coffee and enjoying the air conditioning that reminds me there's summer out there. But I do not want to complain - my time is coming!
It's Sunday at Castle Bensberg just outside Cologne to Althoffs Festival of Master Chefs. I won a ticket with Stevan and can sip bubbly and get cooked by Tim Raue, Joachim Wissler or Nils Henkel.
Oh, you beautiful life!
Freshly Served Summer Salad with Halloumi Chips and Grilled Peaches

As long as it stays in the evening usually at fast, uncomplicated cuisine.
And so long I go to hardly a ripe peach or other fruit over.
Therefore, again peach here with me - but this time different , Completely different! Hearty!
And it promises to give a true taste explosion, when peaches grilled with honey meet salty Halloumi, crisp cedar nuts, spicy rosemary and lovely condimento bianco: BÄM!
I was a bit skeptical at first, if that tastes good. But when I stumbled across the rumbles and found the arrangement so pretty, I just had to make it up: Grilled Peaches and Haloumi Salad

 Summer Salad Dressed on a Plate with Crunchy Halloumi Chips and Grilled Peaches

Important that you do not take a squishy packaged supermarket Halloumi. He is often too salty and squeaks very nasty on the teeth. Better go for a fresh piece of cheese from the Greek or Turkish grocer - you will taste the difference!
The peaches you use should be ripe, but not too soft, so they do not grind while grilling.
Who mag takes pine nuts instead of cedar nuts, which makes the whole thing even more Mediterranean. Personally, I find the cedar nuts very suitable.

Freshly prepared, flavorful summer salad with halloumi chips and grilled peaches

The olive oil used should be mild and match the acacia honey and the lovely Condimento bianco. A bit of rosemary, a little sea salt in flake form and some freshly ground black pepper gives the necessary kick.
I prepare halloumi and peaches on my great contact grill *
to who likes the whole but of course on the gas BBQ or charcoal grill or just use a grill pan.

 freshly served summer salad with halloumi chips and grilled peaches

Summer salad with halloumi chips and grilled peaches

for 2 portions

approx.Pour into a bowl, drizzle with the honey and mix well.
Carefully cut the Halloumi for the chips in about 0.5 cm wide strips and this with a little olive oil and sprinkle with chopped rosemary.
The peach district of both Grill the sides lightly until they caramelize and get the typical grill stripes, then put them aside.
Next, grill the halloumi strips evenly from both sides - in the contact grill you can squeeze the slices wonderfully thin, creating crispy chips. In the grill pan or on the grill, you can put a refractory plate on the cheese and weigh it down with a large tin.
Alternately place the peach quarters and halloumi chips on the rocket and sprinkle with the cedar nuts.
Olive oil and Condimento bianco and sprinkle with a little sea salt flakes and freshly ground pepper. Serve immediately.

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