The great culinary review 2013 at moey's kitchen foodblog!

All good things come in threes, right?
That's why another year review follows!
We've checked the books, now comes a last (!), general review of the Year 2013.
After that we are through with all the looks back and look forward - promised!

January 2013

In January 2013, it also started with the review - I introduced and reviewed 40 books in My Great Cookbook Annual Review 2012 - look inside, there are still lots of tips and great books.

Chocolate chestnut cake on cake plate

One of my recipe highlights in January is clearly the Juicy Chocolate Maroon Cake after Sir Paul McCartney - look at this recipe again! The cake is wonderfully tart and juicy and does not contain any flour.

Salad from Brussels sprouts with apple slices, chopped walnuts and pecorino shavings

My absolute highlight and a great new discovery was the Brussels sprouts salad with apple, walnuts and pecorino - one of my absolute favorite salads to date!

February 2013

In February 2013, my absolute highlight was the vanilla cheesecake with apple sprinkles - I've baked it several times to this day and always find it awesome!

 Sliced ​​vanilla cheesecake with apple sprinkles on cake plate, piece of cake on plate

In addition, I was at the end of February on several e vents: Together with Steph from the curio shop, I was in Paris for a day on February 23, 2013 to attend the Paris Cook Book Fair. After all, both the fair and the city were a disappointment, but we ate nice and chatted and had a nice day. In March I also wrote about this day in detail: Festival du livre culinaire - Paris Cookbook Fair 2013 .

Only one day later, on February 24, 2013, I was closed a Meet and Greet and Eat at the Hotel Nikko in Dusseldorf . Together with a few other food bloggers I got a hotel tour, a marzipan workshop and above all a lot of very good Japanese food. The highlight was certainly all the delicacies from the Teppan Yaki. What a great day!

And another event took place during the same period: The book presentation by Björn Freitag's My WDR Cookbook *  by Zabert Sandmann Verlag in Cologne.
As the only blogger among journalists I was invited to the presentation and tasting in a cooking school in Cologne. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I have never been able to report in detail, but would like to submit some more pictures.
The book is really beautiful - the external impression might seem a bit special, but it is about wonderful seasonal and regional dishes with the certain Something!New header, new logo and new layout - tidy and simple, just as I wished!

 Lemon Square Bars on a Plate

My culinary highlight this month was the Lemon Square Bars - delicious, juicy, fresh! And since a scaffolding was standing in front of my photo window this month, I photographed for the first time in another room. And the photos have something, I think.

Pasta view on plate: Orecchiette with chard and white beans

Another highlight was the Orecchiette with chard and white beans - these too Photos are one of my personal highlights. They also originated in front of another window.

April 2013

In April 2013, my monthly highlight was clearly my Culinary Travelogue London . Professionally, I was back in London for a couple of days and spent a few more hours feasting on Ottolenghi and Whole Foods and Waterstone's covered with cookbooks. Also, I checked out all the wonderful and well-known bakeries and brought home little things from the Primrose Bakery , and the Hummingbird Bakery and I strolled on the Covent Garden Market . What a culinary dream day! If you are going to London this year and still looking for tips and suggestions, be sure to read my report!
On April 23, 2013 was also World Book Day and then the action give bloggers read joy , where I participated with a cookbook. I'll be there again this year.

May 2013

White pizza and rhubarb pie collage

In May 2013, there were two culinary highlights - on the one hand a pizza with green asparagus, buffalo mozzarella and garlic and on the other hand a crunchy tart with crème pâtissière and caramelised rhubarb. Both really brilliant and worth watching this year!

June 2013

June 2013 was packed with great events and dishes and was dedicated to strawberries and asparagus.
Am 15thReview: The cookbook by Andreas Neubauer .

August 2013

My culinary highlight in August 2013 was the Taste Summer salad with halloumi chips and grilled peaches - a brilliant idea and delicious!

Arugula salad with crunchy chips from Halloumi, grilled peaches, herbs and cedar nuts

I was also a guest on 11. Althoff's Festival of Master Chefs 2013 at Schloss Bensberg , for which I had won a ticket. Even though it was gray, pouring rain, and we missed Tim Raue, I had a wonderful day with Stevan and Sophie, nice cooks, and very good food and great wines.

September 2013

New York, NYC, Manhattan, Statue of Liberty

In September 2013 I invited some guest bloggers because I was in New York , juchu. What a city! I've written a detailed Culinary Travelogue Manhattan and New York with lots of tips and highlights - check it out if you're planning a trip to New York.

a rustic courgette galette on the tin

My personal culinary highlight from the kitchen was the Rustic zucchini galette with ricotta and walnuts . A great idea!

October 2013

October 2013 was again marked by events: it started with a highlight on Veltvegetariertag: Stevan Paul cooks from "Germany vegetarian" - a wonderful menu and a beautiful evening in pictures .

In addition, I was invited to Anuga with some other bloggers and reported in great detail: Anuga 2013 Fair Review - of Cretan Olive Oil to the Chilean dried fruit - also a very exciting experience.
My favorite recipe from this month was clearly the imitation of banana pudding from the Magnolia Bakery

Banana pudding, banana pudding, banana pudding, Magnolia Bakery

Another event took place on October 18th - I was at a food photography workshop n Kikkoman have been invited to Dusseldorf. Together with other bloggers I experienced a great day with many practical tips and tricks.Doors in Zorras famous Advent calendar was filled.

small spice cake with chocolate, baked in aweek - glass
Chili con Carne in Pot
 A serving of oxtail ragout on fresh, homemade pasta

Also, in December I was a frequent guest: with the Mini Apple Hand Pies I was able to fill the second door in the Advent calendar of Lisbeth's Cupcakes and Cookies Blog .

Small Handy Apple Pies as a Cake Serving on the Plate

At Dinchen's World , I gave a little interview in the potgucker section and twice As a Christmas secret, I have the recipe for a very wonderful Christmas drinking chocolate to make your own give away and give away.

homemade chocolate powder for homemade hot chocolate

The highlight in December, however, was clearly the e-mag little things - fine on the hand, for me with other food bloggers some recipes And then came the first annual review of my English language cookbooks. And now we've arrived at the end ...

Review and Outlook

I thank you, dear reader, for a very wonderful 2013!
It was a lot of fun and I was really happy about all your great feedback!
This year I want to so publish more cookbook reviews and try to make a monthly column. Also, I would like to continue to write culinary travel reports and report on events.
And, above all, I am of course happy about a lot of new and exciting, delicious recipes!
Let's go, 2014!

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